Four Seasons Hotel Lobby Lounge Terrace Garden officially opened

In the warm, warm spring light, the willow branches spit tenderly, and the spring flowers bloom in full bloom. Before the advent of summer, the terrace garden of the lobby lounge of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing quietly opened. The comfortable and spacious space provides a relaxed atmosphere for cocktail lovers, allowing guests to fully enjoy the gentleness of spring and spend a lazy city time while enjoying the ‘Spritz Spirit’ wine list.

The Lobby Lounge launched a new tour of microbubble cocktails in the spring, where guests can taste eight different microbubble cocktails. Maybe the body can’t travel for a while, but the delicate and full bubbles make people seem to stop on the romantic streets of France, travel in the fog of the rain in the UK, and finally bathe in the sunshine of Italy. Shake the wine glass gently, the ice crashes into a pleasant sound, mixed with blueberries or oranges. Such a charming flavor sublimates in the rich bubbles, and it becomes more attractive under the afternoon sun, which makes you can’t help but drink it.

Although microbubble cocktails have become synonymous with beverages essential for spring and summer, it does not represent the entirety of microbubble cocktails. Spritz is actually a large cocktail family that covers a variety of colors, flavors, and combinations. After trying different brands and combinations, I will be pleasantly surprised to find that there are so many changes in the seemingly simple blending of a glass Find your own micro-bubble cocktail in the garden of the lobby lounge of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing.

From now on, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm, guests can enjoy a “Spritz Spirit” wine list buy one get one free discount in the lobby lounge terrace garden.

Brazil in the race for luxury

AS EVERY DAY, ANA, THE RETOUCHED QUARANTINE, leaves her plush apartment in fitness gear and heads for the elevator. Floor Cidade Jardim. Doors open onto this consumer paradise directly linked to its building: a shopping center with luxury stores, restaurants, cinemas, spa, gyms, analysis laboratories, and soon a school …

Background music and wooded decor, this “mall” is a city within the city, where the good society of São Paulo is found every day. After her Pilates session, Ana will join her friends for lunch then, if the children have not yet returned from school, they will no doubt take a look at the novelties of the largest Louis Vuitton store in Latin America, or at the brand new Dior boutique inaugurated in March. All this without ever setting foot on the street. This is the life of the privileged, in an air-conditioned and entirely secure cocoon where European luxury rivals splendor. After having firmly established themselves in China, the hexagonal brands are closely interested in the Brazilian market, starting with São Paulo where 70% of the luxury market is concentrated (according to the study “Bossa &century made in Brasil “, by Helene Capgras and Helen Kupfer, 2012-2013). Some houses already had a point of sale there, rather symbolic but, faced with ever-increasing demand, their development intensified.

WHILE ELSEWHERE IT IS A question of tracking down beautiful addresses – avenue Montaigne in Paris, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or Sloane Street in London -, here, the development of large houses is conditioned to that of shopping centers, and suddenly, a bit slowed down too. In Brazil, as in Asia, luxury brands are leaving the street to popular brands and prefer to establish themselves in malls, places of life of the wealthy classes. Why? Tropical rains (especially during the very commercial Christmas period) often make the city streets impassable. And then the Paulists do not hesitate to take their car to make 100 meters. Faced with the shortage of parking spaces, they opt for the easy solution: a shopping center with parking and ad hoc service.