what do Americans spend their time on

All of these questions were answered in a study by the statistical office of the United States Department of Labor, entitled “American Time Use Survey” (TAUS) and published on June 18. The Washington Post seized these data on the schedule of the Americans – the study relates only to those older than 15 years – State by State to carry out ten maps, rich in lessons.

The average Mississippi resident sleeps on average more than nine hours a day, forty minutes longer than the average resident of Wisconsin, the state with the lowest sleep time. No less than 30 eight-hour nights a year separate the two states.

Vermont does not shine by the time spent by its residents on personal care, such as grooming and clothing: only twenty-eight minutes per day, ten minutes less than the national average, and seventeen minutes less than the forty-five minutes spent by residents of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and South Carolina. “In general, the southern states spend more time looking after their appearance than those of the north, although New York, with its forty-three minutes of time to dress up, is an exception to this rule,” notes the American newspaper.

In North Dakota, an average of eight hours and sixteen minutes a day is spent at work, compared to six hours and fifty-four minutes in Maine. To explain these two extremes, the Washington Post stresses that the first state shelters one of the most important oil fields of the country, where “the workers, men, spend long hours on the site before joining the dormitories”, whereas Maine is known to be a breeding ground for seasonal jobs.

Not surprisingly, the southern states are those where the inhabitants devote the most time to religious activities (seventeen minutes on average), and especially in Utah, with its large Mormon population. Conversely, residents of Rhode Island report spending an average of two minutes a day in spiritual activities, about one-eighth of the time spent by people in Louisiana.

In terms of entertainment, residents of West Virginia are the biggest fans of the small screen with three hours and thirty-eight minutes spent per day, or ninety minutes more daily than those of Utah.

Unfortunately, such a mapping of France is difficult to carry out. If the INSET (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) sometimes offers data centered on a region, these are less societal indicators, such as the rate of overcrowding, the number of young people or retirees, or the number of women among the elected. Furthermore, the comparison is almost impossible since the indicators studied are not the same according to the regions.

INSET had however carried out in 2002 a comparative study of mortality according to regions. Verdict: Ike-DE-France is the region where men live the longest (77.3 years), ahead of the southwest quarter of France. For women, it is the Pays DE la Loire. Concerning the French as a whole, life expectancy is minimal in the North and the Northeast, as well as in the central space corresponding to the Champagne-Auvergne diagonal.